Czechmate Border Collies

About me . . . 

I got my first Border Collie in 1997, she was a little brown and white dog that we named Cheli (after Chris Chelios of the Blackhawks hockey team), her registered name was also a hockey term, Power Play (the name for what happens when one team has a penalty and the other team goes up a player for the length of the penalty). She was followed by Border Collie #2 about a year later. Celt was from a farm in WI and both of his parents were imported from Ireland. His birthday was Halloween so that's where he got his name.

These two dogs launched quite a story . . . we lived in town at the time and as we got more into all things Border Collie, we began to look for a place with some land so we could get our own sheep. We moved to our current location in December 1999 and added our first 5 sheep in May 2000. The rest, as they say, is history . . . 

I now have a flock of sheep that averages around 20 in the winter and I lamb every spring, I also maintain a flock of ducks. I hold 2-3 herding trials each year and also hold a few herding clinic/seminars. 

I breed Border Collies with an emphasis on herding ability as well as temperament and health. It is my belief that this is what made these dogs what so many of us love and what makes them able to do so well in so many activities. Many of my puppies excel in agility and obedience as well as herding.

I am an approved AKC herding judge and the AKC delegate for BCSA, the AKC parent club for Border Collies.